DuckLink Screen Capture

DuckLink Screen Capture

Provides you with the possibility to take screenshots in four different modes
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DuckLink Screen Capture is a pretty light and, at the same time, powerful software designed to provide you with the capability of taking screenshots in four different modes, which allows you to make your captures exactly of the sizes required. This program works in the background, consuming very few system resources, but it is in the windows notification area, so that you can make a precise capture any time you need.

The first capturing mode offered by this program is the "Region" mode, allowing you to capture rectangular and non-rectangular areas of your screen (polygonal) without the need to predefine borders. The second one is the "Window” mode, which allows you to capture a particular window either totally or partially. A third option is the "Scrolling" mode, which is for sure the most interesting one, since it allows you to capture larger areas than those shown in any of your browser's windows - even when in full-screen mode - letting you capture all the contents of a web page just by scrolling down while in the capturing process. Finally, you have a fourth mode called the "Full Screen" one, a quite self-explanatory term. Once you make a capture, the program allows you to edit it changing its size or adding notes, among other interesting features. Then, you can save it as an image file, or send it directly to your printer. This is really an amazing software tool.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • Works in background mode
  • Built-in capture editor


  • Not fully self-reliant - it requires Visual C++, which is downloaded and installed during the main installation process
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